2015Professional Qualifications of

Brenda Davis, R.D.

Registered Dietitian/ Nutrition Consultant

1094 Lambeth Court

Kelowna, B.C.

V1V 1N2

Home phone: (250) 712-1094

Cell Phone: (250) 899-1674




Sept. 1982 – Sept. 1983 Dietetic Internship

Ottawa Regional Dietetic Internship Program

Sept. 1978 – June 1982 Honors BASc (Applied Human Nutrition)

University of Guelph



Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (#00850237)

Dietitians of Canada (#387)

College of Dietitians of British Columbia (#0217)



January 2006 to present

Lead Nutritionist, Diabetes Wellness Research Project, Canvasback Missions, Majuro, Marshall Islands.

Position Projects and Responsibilities

Establish a close working relationship with key staff members in the Marshall Islands Ministry of Health.

Assist in the building and establishment of the Diabetes Wellness Center.

Assist in the design, development and implementation of all aspects of the research project.

Develop and implement health education resources, including presentations, interactive workshops, shopping tours and handouts.

Develop all menus and recipes or research project and special events.

Provide one on one consultation to all research intervention participants and follow up when needed.

Oversee all aspects of the diet and nutrition component of the research study.

Provide guidance, orientation and counsel to other staff dietitians.

Train and supervise kitchen staff – Marshallese and non-Marshallese.

Work with MOH staff, providing education and training as needed.

Develop intervention schedules, as needed.

Assist investigators with research, as needed.

Develop and maintain working relationships with government and community leaders, and project partners, including grocery store managers, restaurant owners and chefs and agriculture experts.


May 1999 to present

Private Practice Nutrition Consultant, Author, Speaker (Kelowna, B.C.)

Position Projects and Manage private practice business.

Responsibilities Provide nutrition consultations to corporations and individuals.

Author books with US publisher, The Book Publishing Co. and Harper Collins Canada.

Lecture to health professionals and general public.

Appear on radio, television and other media; answer media enquiries.


Sept. 2003 – April 2004

Nutrition and Health Director – 40-State CARE Tour – Christian Vegetarian Association (CVA)

Position Projects and Provide presentations on diet and nutrition,

Responsibilities disease risk reduction and vegetarian nutrition for physicians, dietitians and other health professionals in hospital and university settings, and to the general public.

Provide cooking demonstrations and practical diet and nutrition seminars.

Respond to media inquiries, providing interviews and appearing on television and radio shows when requested.

Assist in planning and preparation of conference and lecture events.


Dec. 1995 to May 1999

Academic Instructor (West Coast College)

Position Projects and Teach basic nutrition to college students.

Responsibilities Develop course outline, learning objectives, classroom teaching materials, projects and exams.

Oct. 1990 to May 1999 Private Practice Nutrition Consultant and

Co-owner of 21st Century Nutrition

Position Projects and Co-manage private practice.

Responsibilities Market services to physicians, health professionals,

businesses and the general public.

Offer individual and group counseling (specializing in diets for coronary artery disease, obesity, vegetarianism, cancer and diabetes).

Provide lectures and workshops for health professionals (physicians, dietitians and nurses) and the general public.

Provide continuing nutrition education classes for health professionals and the general public.

Offer regular nutrition/cooking classes emphasizing plant-based diets and practical management of hyperlipidemias.

Develop educational materials for all projects and programs.


Sept. 1993- June 1997

Nutrition Specialist for Fraser Cardiology

Position Projects and Provide nutrition consultation for cardiology patients.

Responsibilities Develop nutrition education materials for cardiology patients.

Provide group nutrition education classes for cardiology patients.

Provide lectures on cardiac nutrition for medical doctors and nurses at annual cardiology conferences in the Vancouver area.


July 1996 to 1998 (casual)

Preventive Medicine Research Institute (PMRI)

Nutrition Specialist (San Fransisco, California)

Position Projects and Dean Ornish retreat nutritionist and consultant to PMRI.

Responsibilities Serve as a nutrition specialist for retreat participants.


April 1985 – July 1990

Nutrition Consultant and Director of Nutrition Services

(Algoma Health Unit, Elliot Lake, Ontario)

Position Responsibilities Direct, plan and evaluate nutrition programs.

Provide nutrition education and consultation to agency staff, community professionals, media, schools, recreation and social service agencies, community groups and local consumers.

Develop nutrition education materials, techniques, guidelines and policies.

Assess the overall nutrition needs of the community and establish priorities and policies to meet those needs.

Design, implement, evaluate and modify nutrition programs.

Coordinate and conduct diabetes education meetings and workshops.

Teach the breastfeeding and nutrition components of the prenatal program.

Write a bi-weekly nutrition column for the local newspaper and a nutrition newsletter for district schools.

Respond to media inquiries, providing radio and television interviews as needed.



Council of Directors, GLIMMER Initiative and the True Health Coalition (2015- present)

Scientific Advisor – Cancer Guidelines Advisory Committee for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (2011-present)

Vice-President of the Okanagan Health Forum (2004-present)

Food and Nutrition Director – TRACS – Kelowna (2004-present)

Organic Athlete Nutrition and Advisory Board – (2004 to present)

Vegan Advocacy Director, CARE (Compassion for Animals Road Expedition and Lecture Tour), (2003-2004)

Past-chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association (2001-2002)

Chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association (2000-2001)

Chair-elect of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association (1999-2001)

Board of Advisors, Institute of Nutrition Education and Research, Hawaii (2000-present)

Board of Advisors, Earthsave International (2001-present)

Scientific Advisory Board of VegNews (2000-present)

Eat This Speaking Tour, Board of Advisors (2000-2002)

Scientific Advisory Council of the American Humane Society (1999-2000)

Executive Member of B.C. Vegetarian Dietitian’s Group (1993-1996).

Consulting Nutritionist to CBC Radio (1984 to present).

Coordinator of a Local Health Unit-Based Eating Disorders Program (1987-1990)

Volunteer Nutritionist — Canadian Cancer Society (1987-1994) and Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation (1987 to 1998)

Leader of Elliot Lake Nursing Mothers Group (1987-1990)

Leader of Nursing Mothers Group (1987-1990).



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