Defeating Diabetes
Publication Year: 2003
ISBN: 1570671397
"Defeating Diabetes" by Brenda Davis, RD, and Tom Barnard, MD, Healthy Living Publications
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Defeating Diabetes offers real hope and real solutions to those with type-2 diabetes. Recent health studies have confirmed that a low-fat, vegan (meat- and dairy-free) diet works best to not only manage but reverse the symptoms of type-2 diabetes.

The authors guide you through the practical steps you need to take to construct a diet and lifestyle that really work. Their no-nonsense approach presents everything you need to know to make wiser dietary and lifestyle choices.

You’ll find out how to: take control of your blood sugar levels find out which carbohydrates are actually good for you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight arm yourself with protective dietary fats use nutritional supplements for blood sugar control improve exercise, sex, sleep, and self-care

Included are over 50 easy and delicious recipes using whole foods along with suggestions on how to convert traditional favorites laden with fat and cholesterol into high-fiber, healthful dishes.

These user-friendly and evidence-based recommendations will help anyone with diabetes become more healthy.

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