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Super Seedy Energy Bars

  Energy bars make a healthy snack for active people or can supplement a light lunch.  Commercial bars often...

Walnut Cookies

I absolutely love these cookies. They contain no oil, no sugar and are gluten-free.  They are also delicious and...

My Favorite Supper Salad

Makes about 16 cups (4 l)    My favorite meal is salad. Seriously.  To me, a beautiful salad is...

Savory Cabbage Soup

Makes 12 servings  This low-cal soup is a wonderful warm addition to any winter meal.   9 cups (2,250 ml) vegetable...

Great Granola

Makes 12 cups (3 l)   Granola is an old breakfast staple, but tends to be much higher in fat and...

Stuffed Dates

  Makes about 46 stuffed dates   These are beautiful treats. They freeze well and are delicious just slightly...

Suberb Smoothies

I am not a smoothie person. Not because I don’t think they have value, or because I don’t like...

Oat Groat Cereal

At the very top of the whole grain hierarchy are intact whole grains.  Using intact grains to make your...