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Brenda Davis is an authoritative, entertaining and passionate speaker. Book her for your next medical, nutrition or health conference; for employee seminars or for lectures to the general public.


Select from the following topics, or request a topic of your choice:


  • Eating for Life…constructing the optimal diet
  • Exploding Nutrition Myths
  • Fight Disease with Food…and win
  • Defeating Diabetes
  • Defeating Diabetes...lessons from the Marsahll Islands
  • Cardiac Counterattack
  • Cutting Edge Vegetarian Nutrition
  • Cutting Edge Vegan Nutrition
  • Fat Wars
  • Dare to be Dairy-Free
  • Maximizing Essential Fatty Acid Status in Vegetarians
  • Seven Simple Steps to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet



1. Eating for Life...constructing the optimal diet.

What are the consequences of our food choices to human health, and

beyond human health? This presentation addresses current knowledge about diet and health, and practical ways to modify our diets to minimize disease risk, and maximize our protection. Dietary components that pose the greatest threat to health are discussed, and the greatest protectors highlighted. Specific guidelines for health and wellness are provided.
2. Exploding Nutrition Myths.

When it comes to nutrition and food, consumers are confused. Contradictions abound in the media, and it is difficult to separate myth from reality. This presentation takes aim at a number of common nutrition myths and delivers a solid, scientifically sound bottom-line for each.  For a 1.5 hour presentation, select 7 myths, for

the one hour presentation, select 5:


  • The Atkins Diet is best for weight loss.
  • We need meat to get enough protein. 
  • We need milk to get enough calcium.
  • All fat is bad for you.
  • The lack of vitamin B12 in plant foods proves that people need meat.
  • Vegan diets are risky to health, especially for children.
  • There are no good foods; no bad foods. Eat everything in moderation.
  • Soy products are dangerous to health.



3. Fight Disease with Food…and win.

Almost 70% of North Americans will die as a result of a diet and lifestyle-induced disease. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes and many forms of cancer can be prevented by making better choices. This presentation looks at the strength of the link between diet and disease and the steps we can take to prevent such diseases. It also provides compelling evidence that diet and lifestyle intervention provides the safest, most powerful treatment of all. Simple, effective steps individuals can take to restore health and well being are provided.


4. Defeating Diabetes.

This is a presentation that partners with Brenda's latest book, Defeating Diabetes. It examines the epidemic of type 2 diabetes, and how individuals can make the diet and lifestyle choices that will give them the best possible chance of defeating this disease.  This discussion challenges many of the commonly held beliefs about diabetes, including the optimal quantity and sources of carbohydrates, fiber, protein and fat, including essential fatty acids.


5. Defeating Diabetes...lessons from the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands, in addition to many other Pacific Islands are riddled

with type 2 diabetes. Brenda, and a team of experts are attempting to reverse this epidemic using aggressive diet and lifestyle intervention. Learn about the project, the people and their health transformations.  The Diabetes Wellness Program provides hope for the people of the Marshall Islands, and inspiration to people here at home. 


6. Cutting Edge Vegetarian Nutrition/Cutting Edge Vegan Nutrition (select one). 

Vegetarian and vegan diets can provide numerous health advantages, but they are not fool-proof. Nutrients that may be of concern to vegetarians or vegans include protein, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, essential fatty acids and iodine. This presentation provides detailed information on each, including practical guidelines to ensure that all nutrient needs are met. It pairs perfectly with the books The New Becoming Vegetarian and Becoming Vegan.
7.  Cardiac Counterattack

Heart disease is preventable and fortunately very treatable by diet and lifestyle intervention. This presentation provides an understandable explanation of coronary artery disease, examines outstanding research studies and provides practical guidelines for powerful treatment.


8. Fat Wars.  

This lecture explores the many controversies surrounding dietary fat. It covers three core issues - how much fat people need, how to achieve optimal fatty acid intake and balance, and the best sources of fat in the diet. This lecture answers many of the questions consumers have about dietary fat, and provides practical guidelines for fine tuning the fat in the diet.


9. Dare to Be Dairy-Free.
We have been educated as consumers and as health professionals to believe that dairy products are necessary to a healthy
diet, and the best way to ensure good bone health.  Most consumers are well aware that dairy products are rich sources of calcium.  Many believe that it is extremely difficult to get sufficient calcium without using dairy products. This

presentation takes an in-depth look at dairy products, their risks and benefits, and the power of the dairy industry. It provides detailed guidelines for constructing a healthful, calcium and vitamin D-rich diet without a single drop of dairy.


10. Maximizing Essential Fatty Acid Status in Vegetarians.

Vegetarians, and particularly vegans, may have sub-optimal essential fatty acid status. This lecture takes a very complicated area of nutritional science and de-mystifies it. The stage is set with diagrams, definitions and current knowledge in this area. Detailed guidelines are provided that will assist vegetarians and vegans in making choices that will help to maximize essential fatty acid status.
11. Seven Simple Steps to a Healthy Vegetarian Diet.

This presentation addresses the major diet and nutrition blunders made

by vegetarians and vegans and how they can be avoided. The seven steps that are explored include:

1. Reduce refined carbohydrates.
2. Eliminate trans fatty acids.
3. Ensure a reliable source of vitamin B12.
4. Include a healthy balance and intake of essential fatty acids.
5. Mind your minerals (calcium, iron, zinc and iodine).
6. Do not overeat.
7. Make whole plant foods the foundation of your diet.

Note: all lectures are 1.5 hours in length, although a condensed 1 hour version is also available.


Lecture Fee Schedule: $1500* per day + expenses.

* fee is negotiable for non-profits. Please contact Brenda directly.