Fotolia_40983581_Subscription_Monthly_M Methionine- Restricted Diet… Who needs it? (11/27/2015) -   Methionine is an essential amino acid — one of the building blocks of protein that cannot be produced by the human body so must come from our food. It is one of two sulfur-containing amino acids (the other is cysteine). Methionine is an intermediary in the synthesis of cysteine, carnitine, taurine, and other compounds. […]
iStock_000008885341XSmall Is Soy Safe? (9/23/2015) -           In my opinion, soy is not only safe, but potentially beneficial. Soy has a long history of use in Asia, and within vegetarian populations throughout the world. Two of the healthiest, long-lived populations in the world – the Okinawan Japanese and the Seventh-day Adventists in Loma Linda California – are […]
14439171494_286ba6969c_k Defeating Type 2 Diabetes (7/23/2015) -   “The diabetes time bomb has been ticking for 50 years, and it’s been getting louder. Despite the warning, successive generations of world leaders have largely ignored the threat.” International Diabetes Federation (IDF) President-Elect Martin Silink   According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in eight American adults had diabetes in 2014. If […]
gout5 Plant-based Diets and Gout (7/23/2015) - Gout has long been known as the “disease of kings” as it is most common in overweight or obese men who consume rich foods, and excessive alcohol. It is also associated with hypertension and renal impairment. Diet can help to reduce the incidence of gout, and can play an important role in the treatment of […]
c443ec_60575e46648a4e78be059b5a7c99b4fc.jpg_srz_p_1280_585_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz Indogo Canine Health Sciences (3/14/2015) - I wanted to let everyone know about an exciting new initiative called Indogo Canine Health Sciences – Plant-Powered Dogs. This initiative will help to validate, through science-based feeding trials, the benefits of plant-based protein diets for the health of our dogs. Through an upcoming Crowdfund, Indogo is inviting people with like-minded values to participate. This […]